IIFT Sample Papers PDF Download Free With Solutions (IIFT Exam Pattern 2018)

IIFT Sample Papers

 IIFT Sample Papers are the dose for the candidates who have decided and set up their aim to crack this exam.

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IIFT Previous Question Papers with Answers

IIFT free Sample paper Previous Questions with Answers are mentioning here those will help you to prepare for the exams:

Q-1. If the sum of the roots of the quadratic equation px2+qx+r=0 is equal to the sum of the squares of their reciprocals, which are the correct of Statements.
A. R/p, p/q and q/r are in A.P.
B. P/r, q/p and r/q are in H.P.
C. P/r, q/p and r/p are in G.P.
D. P/r, q/p and r/p are in A.P.
Ans: A and B are correct

Q-2. The area of an isosceles triangle is 12sq.com and if the length of one the equal sides is 5 cm long, mark all the option which can give the length of the base.
A. 4 cm
B. 6cm
C. 9cm
 D. 8cm
Ans: B and D are correct

Q-3. Area ABC is 40cm2. Length of BD is 1/4th of AB. The length of EC is 1/3rd of AC. Calculate the area of CDE.
A. 100/3
B. 200/9
C. 100/9
D. 50/9
Ans: A

Q-4. A trader forms a mixture of cement and sand weighing 40 kgs. In the mixture, cement and sand are in the ratio of 4:1 in weight terms.  And then, when he adds more sand to the mixture, the new ratio becomes 4:3. Given this, this is the correct statement.
A. In order to arrive at the second mixture, the trader added a quantity of sand weighing 16kg.
B. The second mixture formed is one and half times heavier than the orginial mixture.
C. If the original mixture had been in the ratio of 8:3, the weight of the sand in the original mixture would have been 12kg.
D. If the trader sells 7kg of the second mixture formed by him, and then added 11kg  of a new mixture of cement and sand in the ratio 7:4 to the residual , then now the new ration of cement to sand become 7:5.
Ans: A and D are correct.

Q-5. In the right-angled triangle QPR given Below, PS is the altitude to the hypotenuse. The Figure is followed by three possible inferences.
Triangles PQS and Triangles RPS are similar.
Triangles PSQ and Triangles RSP are congruent
Triangles PSQ and Triangle RPQ are similar.
Which is the correct option?
A. 1 and 3 are correct
B. 1 and 2 are correct
C. Only 3 is correct
D. All three are correct
Ans: A is correct.

IIFT Previous Question Papers with Answers  Overview

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