How to Prepare for Math’s Exam - Shortcut Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for Math’s Exam

The very crucial portion of any exam is maths. To prepare for the aptitude / mathematics questions you need to give special attention to
the section of the test under the supervision of the expert teachers. For getting better knowledge of the maths applicants are suggested to join any coaching center so that you may learn all the required Shortcut Tips & Tricks to solve the any question few seconds. Those aspirants who are an average student and have fear for Mathematics but want to do question of maths they need to know that How to Prepare for Maths Exam?.

How to Prepare for Math’s Exam

Most of the participants do a similar mistake of learning formulas without solving the questions but it only waste of time in remembering the way of answer a question. We have brought up many Short & Easy Tricks to make Mathematics Easy in this article. Irregular candidates generally make mistakes that could simply be remedied by reviewing their answers in particular ways but it requires special focus of the techniques to answer a question correctly. On this page ejobhub team is going to declare all the required short & easy tricks to make mathematics easy to prepare for math’s exam.

Shortcut Tips & Tricks To Prepare For Mathematics Exam

Practice, Practice & More Practice: Applicants are advised to practice as much as possible to know the best way to solve the questions.

Learn the Key Concepts: Before start practice for maths know all the key concepts to know the reason of the problems come in the maths.

Review Errors: If you made a mistake, then you should analysis them and recognize what your analytical skills have told you. So find the error and try not to make it happen again.

Join a study group: Group of the students helps a lot in study in solving the logical problems such maths. So guys join any study group and become friendly with this typical subject.  

Short and Easy tricks to make mathematics easy: We know mathematics has extremely large number of formulas and it is not simple to keep in mind forever. So you can memorize them by practicing questions. Now answer some questions each day and then practice the used formulas subsequently.

Faster Percentage Calculation: The easiest method to estimate percentages is to multiply figures first and agonize about the two decimal places later. Remember that a "percent" means a fraction out of 100, which means move the decimal two digits to the left.

Example: 20% of 70? 20 times 70 equalto 1400, so the answer is 14.
Notice how 70 percent of 20 are also 14.
If you need to calculate the percentage of a number, such as 72 or 29, then round up and down to the adjacent multiple (70 and 30 respectively) to get a quick approximation.

Faster Square Roots: Everyone knows that the square root of 4 is 2, but what about the square root of 85?

Quick calculation approximately by: Find the nearest square. In this case, the square root of 81 is 9. Determine the next adjacent square. In this case, the square root of 100 is 10.The square root of 85 is a value between 9 and 10. Since 85 is closer to 81, the actual value must be 9 point something.

The Rule of 115: If twice your money sounds too wimpy and you wish to up the bet by tripling your money, then use the number 115 rather than to guess the number of years it will take your money to triple. For example, an investment at a 5% growth rate would take about 23 years to triple.

Multiplication of 11 with Any Number of 3 Digits:-
“Let me explain this rule by taking examples
352*11 = 3--- (3+5) --- (5+2) ---2 = 3872. Means insert the sum of first and second digits, then sum of second and third digits between the two terminal digits of the number

213*11 = 2--- (2+1) --- (1+3) ---3 = 2343”

Here an extra case arises:
“Consider the following examples for that
329*11 = 3--- (3+2) +1--- (2+9-10) ---9 = 3619, Means, if sum of two digits of the number is greater than 10, then add 1 to previous digit and subtract 10 to the associated digit.

758*11 = 7+1--- (7+5-10) +1--- (5+8-10) ---8 = 8338”

To Calculate Reminder on Dividing The Number By 27 And 37:
Let me explain this rule by taking examples consider number 34568276, we have to calculate the reminder on diving this number by 27 and 37 respectively.

Make triplets as written below starting from unit’s place 34.....568....276
Now sum of all triplets = 34+568+276 = 878
Divide it by 27 we get reminder as 14
Divide it by 37 we get reminder as 27

To Calculate Reminder on Dividing the Number by 3:
Method- First calculate the digit sum, then divide it by 3, the reminder in this case will be the required reminder.

Example: - 1342568
Let the number is as written above. Its digit sum = 29 = 11 = 2
So reminder will be 2

Square Of Numbers Near To 100:
Let me explain this rule by taking examples 96^2 -
First calculate 100-96, it is 4so 96^2 = (96-4) ----4^2 = 9216

Similarly 106^2 -
First calculate 106-100, it is 6, So 106^2 = (106+6) ----6^2 = 11236

Multiplication of Two Numbers That Differ By 6: If the two numbers differ by 6 then their product is the square of their average minus 9. Let me explain this rule by taking examples

10*16 = 13^2 - 9 = 160
22*28 = 25^2 - 9 = 616

Multiplication of 99 With Any Number: Let me explain this rule by taking examples
1. 46*99 = 46*(100-1) = 46*100-46 = 4600-46 = 4554.
2. 362*99 = 362*(100-1) = 36200-362 = 35838.

Reminder: Dear candidates to get solid grip on the section of math do better practice use this article.

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