Time and Distance Formula, Shortcuts, Methods & Tricks Online

Time and Distance Formula

To solve the question related to time, distance and speed/ velocity each and every candidates will have to learn all the formulas related
to the questions. In this article ejobhub is going to release all the details having all the possible Shortcuts, Methods & Tricks Online for those candidates/ students who are looking to reach in the comfort zone at the time of solving the questions connected with Time and Distance problems. In quantitative aptitude section, ambitious participants spend more time due to not friendly with formulas, shortcuts and short tricks to solve problems. If you know the shortcuts, methods and short tricks then very less time is required to get the right answer of such questions.
Time and Distance Formula
Competitive exams give very tough competition because of fewer vacancies and more candidates. To get success in the exam applicants need to show accuracy and speed. To have both of them aspirants can become winner in the test. Formula of distance, speed and time is correlated with each other (SPEED = DISTANCE / TIME), so friends learn them. Candidates are suggested to prepare with the help of sample papers and previous year question papers for the upcoming exams for any post in which exam will be scheduled with quantitative aptitude section (Maths). More details in favour of Time and Distance Formula are given below. Have a close look-

Time and Distance Formulas and how to convert Them

Basics: Know all the combinations of Time and Distance Formula-


Conversion of Unit: Generally we measure speed in km/h but sometime it is said that find speed in meter per second then we should remind this formula-

Convert kilometers per hour (km/hr) to meters per second (m/s): Check below-
 x km/hr = x X 5/18 m/s

Convert meters per second (m/s) to kilometers per hour (km/hr): Check below-
x m/s= x X 18/5 km/hr

Average Speed:If an object covers a certain distance at x kmph and an equal distance at y kmph, the average speed of the whole journey-

Speedavg = Total distance covered by object/ total time taken to cover the distance
=2xy/x+y kmph

Relation between Distance, Speed and Time: Speed and time are inversely proportional (when distance is constant). That is-
speed1/time (when distance is constant)

If the ratio of the speeds of A and B is a:b, then, the ratio of the time taken by them to cover the same distance is

Suppose two objects A and B start at the same time in opposite directions from P and Q respectively. After passing each other, A reaches Q in a seconds and B reaches P in b seconds. Then,

Speed of A: Speed of B =√b:√a

An object covered a certain distance at a speed of v kmph. If it had moved v1 kmph faster, it would have taken t1 hours less. If it had moved v2 kmph slower, it would have taken t2 hours more. Then,
Speed (V) = [v1v2(t1 + t2) / v1t2 – v2t1] kmph
Distance (x) = [vt1(1 + v/v1)] km

Special case:
If t1 = t2,
v = 2v1v2/( v1 – v2) kmph

Relative Speed: If two objects are moving in the same direction at v1 m/s and v2 m/s respectively

where v1>v2, then their relative speed = (v1−v2) m/s

Let us suppose that two objects A and B separated by a distance of d meter. Suppose A and B start moving in the same direction at the same time such that A moves towards B at a speed of a meter/second and B moves away from A at a speed of b meter/second where a>b. Then,

Relative speed = (a−b) meter/second

Time needed for A to meet B =d/(a−b) seconds

If two objects are moving in opposite directions at v1 m/s and v2 m/s respectively, then their relative speed = (v1+v2) m/s

Consider two objects A and B separated by a distance of d meter. Suppose A and B start moving towards each other at the same time at a meter/second and b meter/second respectively. Then,

Relative speed = (a+b) meter/second
Time needed for A and B to meet each other =d/(a+b) seconds

Reminder: Dear candidates now you are very close to success in the section of quantitative aptitude using above shortcuts of formulas. All the best!!

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