IBM Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher’s/Experienced

IBM Interview Questions and Answers

International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational company which is the first choice of mostly technically
educated students not in foreign but in India. When every IBM goes for campus drive in any institute it organizes two types of rounds for selection. First one is interview of basics and second round is technical skills checking. To make this dream come true, in this article IBM Interview Questions And Answers are being provide to give you a glance of some common questions asked in HR and technical round. Top IBM BPM and Java interview questions will help you out in knowing what to expect and what to say at the time of your interview.

We are sure that Everyone who dreams to get hired in this company these IBM interview questions and answers will certainly help the Fresher’s/Experienced contenders who what to access this American multinational technology company. To test his/her abilities before present in viva-voice it is necessary to be prepare for commonly asked IBM technical support interview questions that are faced by many.

You must know that the more impressive the answers are, more will be the chances to crack the interview round. So, get to know IBM interview questions with answers that will lead your way towards this reputed company. Other details in favour of IBM Company Interview Questions are given below for all the visitors of this article.

IBM Company Interview Questions (HR Round)

1. Tell us something about yourself:
Answer: Start the answer with a smile on your face & convey your personal details like your Name, Place from where you belong etc. If you want, add your family details and also tell about your qualification, hobbies, your unique skills that will be productive for the company and you may also tell about the person who inspired you a lot.

2. Do you have any other qualities which you have not mentioned in the CV? Or Tell me something about yourself that isn’t on your resume.
Answer: This is the most common question asked by HRs of the company. This is the right chance to tell about the most compelling information about you. Share some info that is not obvious from your resume. You can answer this question simply by sharing your personal qualities and attributes that depicts your strength and skills.

3. What are your Weaknesses? What are you doing to overcome them?
Answer: Well this is quite a tricky question! Don’t try to convince them that you don’t have any weakness as this will engrave a feeling in the employers that you are arrogant for not being able to see any imperfection in yourself. Pick your minor weaknesses and select something that is not significant to the job. Then, tell how you will overcome it.

4. Why should you be hired for this position?
Answer: To answer this question, focus on Your Uniqueness. It is basically a trick to know how you stand out among the other candidates and what the things are those makes you a perfect pick. Therefore, tell the interviewer you qualities that are different from other interviewees, or are more difficult to find in interviewees generally.

5. Which is your favorite sport? Why?
Answer: With a smile, list your favorite sport(s). Also the ones you actually play and your country's national sport so that we can collect a good vocabulary list.

6. Your performance in engineering has not been as good as 10th and 12th. Why?
Answer: Answer this question very honestly and tell the most appropriate answer why your marks have not been as good as in 10th or 12th.

7. What do you want to work at IBM?
Answer: Well, make clear your skills / accomplishment and let them know your desirous to work with the company.

8. How do you deal with unexpected events on the job?
Answer: To answer this question, tell them how you manage to do your assignment within the time limit. Tell them instances where you were able to complete a project on time despite complications that you faced.

9. How do you delegate responsibility?
Answer: To answer this, discuss how you involve everyone in the overall picture. All let them know specific projects that were successful because of your team effort.

10. Would you like to ask me any questions?
Answer: Saying “No” is not only the wrong answer, but it's also a missed opportunity to find out information about the company. You should ask questions related to the job, the company and the products in which it details.

IBM Java Interview Questions For Freshers (Technical Round)

11. What is a transient variable?
Answer: A transient variable is a non serialized variable.

12 Which containers use a border Layout as their default layout?
Answer: The containers called window, Frame and Dialog classes use a border layout as their default layout.

13 Why do threads block on I/O?
Answer: Threads block on I/O in order to accomplish other threads while the I/O Operation is performed.

14. What is the List interface?
Answer: The List interface offers support for ordered collections of objects.

15. Can a lock be acquired on a class?
Answer: Yes, we can easily acquire a lock on a class. This lock is acquired on the class’s Class object.

16. What’s new with the stop (), suspend () and resume () methods in JDK 1.2?
Answer: The stop (), suspend () and resume () methods have been deprecated in JDK 1.2.

17.  Is null a keyword?
Answer: No, the null value is not a keyword.

18. What is the preferred size of a component?
Answer: The minimum component size is often known as the preferred size of a component that will allow the component to display normally.

19. What method is used to specify a container’s layout?
Answer: To The specify a container’s layout, set Layout () method is used.

20. Which containers use a Flow Layout as their default layout?
Answer: The containers called Panel and Applet classes use the Flow Layout as their default layout.

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