MP CPCT Syllabus 2021 PDF {Madhya Pradesh CPCT Exam Pattern Details}

MP CPCT Syllabus

Congratulations to all the awaited appliers who want to appear in MP CPCT exam because recently Government of MP has broadcasted
MP CPCT Syllabus to assist the passionate applicants. Such aspirants who want to check their skills in the computer they will have to show appearance in Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT). As per information this exam will be conducted soon at the pre scheduled exam centers within the state. Not only Syllabus but Madhya Pradesh CPCT Exam Pattern Details can also be obtained here from this article to the willing visitors. Planning for such exam will be very helpful in the preparation as it help develop the skills better than others.

Candidates are advised to stay focus directly on basic knowledge of some topic and easy study using investment tools through computer. Applicants who are good in computer operating with correlated applications they will have to show full dedication in Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT) using test pattern and Syllabus to earn more marks. The study martial for finance exam is designed to introduce the candidates know the different concepts of computer.

All the necessary PDF file of MP CPCT Syllabus can be obtained by individuals after visiting the official website of organization. All the best to suitable individuals for better result!!

MP CPCT Syllabus

MP CPCT Syllabus Overview

Familiarity with computer systems
Different aspects regarding computer hardware
Generations and types of computers, printers,
input and output devices and hardware components such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) like arithmetic logic unit, control unit, memory unit;
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Motherboard, Sound Card
Graphics Card, and related concepts
Input Devices such keyboard, mouse, light pen, touch screens, graphics tablets, joystick, Microphone, Optical Character Reader, MICR, Scanner, digital or web camera, card reader, barcode reader, biometric sensor
Output Devices such as Monitor or visual display unit, printer (impact or non-impact), speaker, plotter
Secondary Storage Devices such as USB Pen Drives, floppy disks, Compact Disk (CD), Digital Video Disk (DVD), Blue Ray Disk, Solid State Drive etc.
Different aspects about computer software
software categories such as System Software, Application Software, Embedded Software, Proprietary Software, Open Source Software
Computer Languages such as Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language, High Level Language, Interpreter, Compiler
Operating Systems such as Windows and Linux etc
Concepts of Memory Units such as Bit, Byte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte etc

Knowledge of Basic Computer Operations:
Generic steps required for setting up a computer
logging on and off to a network
verifying physical connectivity to a network
disabling applications from running on start-up
customizing desktop background
volume controls of computer
Understanding of steps to protect computers from power disturbances and basic troubleshooting including power backups.
determining an IP address
installing and updating software packages
uninstalling a software from computer
resizing windows
setting up a new printer or webcam or scanner or other peripheral devices
Booting and shutting down
Administration and Security concepts
setting options and preferences in an Operating System
keeping personal data private and secure
spyware or other malicious application through virus scanners
encryption of data
creating strong passwords; changing passwords
checking a system for bugs
File Management Functions
copying files to memory disk
using default help modules
setup and printing of documents Compressing files
undoing mistakes
connecting to the Internet and downloading and uploading files
identifying and selecting suitable file formats and using them for transferring data

Proficiency in general IT skills:
Word processing skills such as
creating a document
using spellcheck
creating tables
working with headers or footers
mail merge
Document formatting etc.
common word processing related keyboard commands
Numeric Skills to deal with numbers and digits
using formulas
Graphs through spreadsheets and common keyboard commands for spreadsheets.
Presentation skills for sharing and understanding data in form of charts, graphs and data.
Internet skills
using search engine effectively to get the best desired result within short time
uploading and downloading information from the Internet
usage of Internet applications such as web sites, browsers, blogs, and Internet services such as Email, video conferencing, Online Collaboration etc.

Reading Comprehension:
Ability to read and understand passages in English comprising questions
locating information
identifying relationships
interpreting ideas
characteristics of characters
tone of passage and getting the central theme

Mathematical & Reasoning Aptitude:
Mathematical Aptitude comprising concepts from
Number System (Fractions, Surds and decimals, number series) and
Arithmetic (Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount, Compound Interest & Annuities, Ratio And Proportion, Time and Work, 2D & 3D figures- Areas & volumes)
Reasoning Aptitude
Verbal and Logical Reasoning
Deriving conclusions from logical premises or assess the validity of arguments based on statement of facts.

General Awareness:
Indian History & Indian Geography
Indian Economy
Indian Constitution
Science & Technology
Trends in Current Affairs

Keyboard Skills:
Typing in English
Typing in Hindi

MP CPCT Syllabus in Hindi: Here we are providing you the syllabus in Hindi so have a look below-

कंप्यूटर सिस्टम के साथ परिचित
कंप्यूटर हार्डवेयर के बारे में विभिन्न पहलू
कंप्यूटर के प्रकारप्रिंटर,
इनपुट और आउटपुट डिवाइस और हार्डवेयर घटक जैसे सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग यूनिट (सीपीयूजैसे एरिथमिकलॉजिक यूनिटकंट्रोल यूनिटमेमोरी यूनिट;
यूनिवर्सल सीरियल बस (यूएसबी)
लिक्विड क्रिस्टल डिस्प्ले (एलसीडी)
मदरबोर्डसाउंड कार्ड
ग्राफिक्स कार्डऔर संबंधित अवधारणाएं
इनपुट डिवाइस जैसे कीबोर्डमाउसलाइट पेनटच स्क्रीनग्राफिक्स टैबलेटजॉयस्टिकमाइक्रोफोनऑप्टिकल कैरेक्टर रीडरएमआईसीआरस्कैनरडिजिटल या वेब कैमराकार्ड रीडरबारकोड रीडरबॉयोमीट्रिक सेंसर
मॉनिटर या विज़ुअल डिस्प्ले यूनिटप्रिंटर (प्रभाव या असर-प्रभाव), स्पीकरप्लॉटर जैसे आउटपुट डिवाइस
यूएसबी पेन ड्राइवफ्लॉपी डिस्ककॉम्पैक्ट डिस्क (सीडी), डिजिटल वीडियो डिस्क (डीडी), ब्लू रे डिस्कसॉलिड स्टेट ड्राइव आदि जैसे माध्यमिक स्टोरेज डिवाइस।
कंप्यूटर सॉफ़्टवेयर के बारे में विभिन्न पहलू
सॉफ्टवेयर सिस्टम जैसे सॉफ्टवेयरअनुप्रयोग सॉफ्टवेयरएंबेडेड सॉफ्टवेयरप्रोप्रायटरी सॉफ्टवेयरओपनसोर्स सॉफ्टवेयर
कंप्यूटर भाषा जैसे कि मशीन स्तर की भाषाविधानसभा स्तर की भाषाहाई लेवल लैंग्वेजइंटरप्रिटरकंपाइलर
ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम जैसे कि विंडोज और लिनक्स आदि
Of स्मृतिबिटबाइटमेगाबाइटगीगाबाइटटेराबाइट आदि जैसे अवधारणाओं

बुनियादी कंप्यूटर संचालन का ज्ञान:
एक कंप्यूटर की स्थापना के लिए आवश्यक सामान्य कदम
किसी नेटवर्क पर लॉन्ग करना और बंद करना
एक नेटवर्क में भौतिक कनेक्टिविटी की पुष्टि
स्टार्ट-अप पर चलने से एप्लिकेशन को अक्षम करना
डेस्कटॉप पृष्ठभूमि को कस्टमाइज़ करना
कंप्यूटर की मात्रा नियंत्रण
कंप्यूटर को बिजली की गड़बड़ी से रोकने और पावर बैकअप सहित मूल समस्या निवारण के लिए कदमोंको समझना
आईपी पते का निर्धारण करना
सॉफ्टवेयर पैकेज को स्थापित और अद्यतन करना
कंप्यूटर से एक सॉफ्टवेयर की स्थापना रद्द करना
रीसाइज़िंग विंडो
एक नया प्रिंटर या वेबकैम या स्कैनर या अन्य परिधीय उपकरणों की स्थापना
बूटिंग और बंद
प्रशासन और सुरक्षा अवधारणाओं
एक ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम में सेटिंग विकल्प और प्राथमिकताएं
निजी डेटा को निजी और सुरक्षित रखना
स्पाइवेयर या वायरस स्कैनर के माध्यम से अन्य दुर्भावनापूर्ण एप्लिकेशन
डेटा का एन्क्रिप्शन
मजबूत पासवर्ड बनानेपासवर्ड बदलने
कीड़े के लिए एक प्रणाली की जाँच
फ़ाइल प्रबंधन कार्य
फ़ाइलों को मेमोरी डिस्क में कॉपी करना
डिफ़ॉल्ट सहायता मॉड्यूल का उपयोग करना
दस्तावेजों का सेटअप और छपाई
गलतियों को नष्ट करना
इंटरनेट से कनेक्ट होने और फ़ाइलों को डाउनलोड और अपलोड करना
पहचानने और उपयुक्त फ़ाइल प्रारूपों का चयन करना और डेटा को स्थानांतरित करने के लिए उनकाउपयोग करना

सामान्य आईटी कौशल में प्रवीणता:
वर्ड प्रसंस्करण कौशल जैसे कि
एक दस्तावेज़ बनाना
वर्तनी जांच का उपयोग करना
तालिकाओं का निर्माण
हेडर या पाद लेख के साथ काम करना
मेल मर्ज
दस्तावेज़ स्वरूपण आदि
आम वर्ड प्रोसेसिंग से संबंधित कीबोर्ड कमांड
अंकों और अंकों से निपटने के लिए संख्यात्मक कौशल
सूत्रों का उपयोग कर
स्प्रैडशीट्स के लिए स्प्रेडशीट्स और सामान्य कीबोर्ड आदेशों के माध्यम से रेखांकन
चार्टग्राफ और डेटा के रूप में डेटा साझा करने और समझने के लिए प्रस्तुति कौशल
इंटरनेट कौशल
कम समय के भीतर सबसे अच्छा वांछित परिणाम प्राप्त करने के लिए खोज इंजन का प्रभावी ढंगसे उपयोग करना
इंटरनेट से सूचना अपलोड करना और डाउनलोड करना
इंटरनेट अनुप्रयोगों जैसे वेब साइटोंब्राउज़रब्लॉग्स और इंटरनेट सेवाओं जैसे ईमेलवीडियोकॉन्फ्रेंसिंगऑनलाइन सहयोग आदि का उपयोग

समझबूझ कर पढ़ना:
अंग्रेजी में प्रश्नों को पढ़ने और समझने की योग्यता प्रश्नों में शामिल है
जानकारी लगाने
संबंधों को पहचानना
विचारों की व्याख्या करना
वर्णों की विशेषताओं
पारित होने का टोन और केंद्रीय विषय प्राप्त करना

गणितीय और तर्कसंगत योग्यता:
गणितीय निपुणता जिसमें से अवधारणाओं शामिल हैं
संख्या प्रणाली (अंशसूर्ड और दशमलवसंख्या श्रृंखलाऔर
अंकगणित (प्रतिशततालाभ और हानिडिस्काउंटचक्रवाती ब्याज और वार्षिकियांअनुपातऔर अनुपातसमयकार्य और दूरी, 2 डी और 3 डी आंकड़ेक्षेत्रों और संस्करण)
रीजिंग एप्टीट्यूड
मौखिक और तार्किक तर्क
तथ्यों के बयान के आधार पर तर्कसंगत परिसर से निष्कर्ष निकालना या तर्कों की वैधता काआकलन करना।
सामान्य जागरूकता:
भारतीय इतिहास और भारतीय भूगोल
भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
भारतीय संविधान
विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी
वर्तमान मामलों में रुझान

कुंजीपटल कौशल:
अंग्रेजी में टाइपिंग
हिंदी में टाइपिंग

MP CPCT Exam Pattern:
Exam will be conducted in two phases:
1. Written Test
2. Typing test (Hindi and English)
Total number of questions -75
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) shall have 4 (four) options with one (1) correct option.

Exam Timings:
Familiarity with computer systems
75 minutes
Knowledge of Basic Computer Operations
Proficiency in general IT skills
Reading Comprehension
Mathematical & Reasoning Aptitude
General Awareness
Typing in English
15 minutes
Typing in Hindi
15 minutes
Reading instructions and switchover between languages in typing tests
15 Minutes

Reminder: To download PDF file of syllabus go to the below link:

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